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Gresley maquette

Scaling-up drawings for the Gresley statue - sculpture by Hazel Reeves

Gresley statue – scaling-up

It’s one thing sculpting a 36cm tall figure. It’s quite another thing to sculpt a 7ft 5in figure. So how do you …

Bronze Gresley maquette - photo by Andy Fallon

Sir Nigel Gresley maquette

Sir Nigel Gresley maquette In 2014 I was commissioned to sculpt three maquettes (or small models) to help make the final decision …

Patinating the Gresley maquette - by Hazel Reeves

Casting the Gresley Maquette

The bronze pour has been a success and the follow-up metalwork has been done by the foundry. I enjoy the drive up …

Wax Gresley maquette - by Hazel Reeves

The inspiration behind the maquette

Yes, the decision was unanimous. Sir Nigel Gresley would be depicted quizzically surveying the new Western concourse at King’s Cross, with the …