Our Emmeline: the unclothed figure

Emmeline Pankhurst clay by Hazel Reeves - photo by Hazel ReevesCall me traditional. As far as I’m concerned, the only way to get a convincing figure is to work with a model and start with the unclothed figure first. If it was good enough for Rodin, it’s good enough for me. Think about your clothing – so much of it clings to the form of your body. If the body’s not right, the clothed figure is never going to look right. For Emmeline, the corset shapes her upper torso, so Sarah Jenkins the model has to wear it each session.

This stage takes weeks, but the investment pays off later.

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For further information on the Our Emmeline commission for Manchester click here or for the latest details on the unveiling on the 14 December click here.

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