Face-to-face teaching

Portrait Head in Clay, Art Junction, Billingshurst

Every Saturday from May 7 – Jun 4 2022, £450

Have you ever wanted to capture someone’s face or expression in a sculpture? Working a portrait in clay from a live model is a really rewarding experience. This course will explore how to observe heads – how to see their differences and similarities, and in turn learn how to translate this understanding into a sculpture which captures a likeness of the sitter. During the five days a life-sized clay portrait of a live sitter will be built on an armature. This concentrated modelling will be interspersed with fun exercises – with clay and without – to help train up the eye and hands. This course will be taught in a way suitable for those with experience of sculpting in clay and those new to it.Book here.

Upcoming courses

I’m also running a two-day Expressive Portraiture workshop at Art Junction (Billingshurst) 16-17 July, a 5-day portrait class at Phoenix Brighton 1-5 August, and a two-day Expressive Portraiture workshop at the Art Academy, London, 13-14 August.

One-to-one sessions

Whether you need advice on your first clay portrait head or need guidance and support as you tackle the journey towards becoming a professional sculptor, I can be there for you. It could be a one-off session or on-going support. Email me for further details.