I’m a sculptural choreographer who harnesses the sounds of nature to tell stories that move people, literally and figuratively.

Microphones recording in the Knepp scrubland

As a field recordist, I have a performative aspect to my practice. I can be found pounding the landscape of nature reserves and sites of rewilding, chattering with passers-by. I document biodiversity through tracking the changing soundscapes as rewilding progresses and nature reserves mature.

As a soundscape composer I create sonic journeys across time, telling stories of hope, drawing on the rhythms and musicality of the sounds of nature, with occasional electro-acoustic twists. Others have described these compositions as a “breathing organism” and a “fantastical realm” to explore through sound.

My passion is creating immersive affecting nature soundscape experiences for all – often involving movement/dance – that participants find freeing, thrilling, joyous. They bring people closer to nature, closer to each other.

Soundscapes of Hope

Two projects emerged (2022-23) – Layback with Nature & Sculptural Murmurings (II) – transforming my creative practice to one centred on sound, connecting people to nature and the audio stories of hope emerging from wild havens, such as the Knepp Wildland and the nature reserves of Sweden.

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Sculptural Murmurings (I)

Sculptural Murmurings is a collaborative multidisciplinary playful sound and movement project delivered as part of my residency at Fabrica Brighton (2021) drawing on my field recordings during my residency at Knepp Estate (2021). 16 dancers, whose bodies have stories to tell, improvise to soundscapes of nature over headphones, to create unique bird-like yet human murmurings.

Knepp Wildland artist residency

Soundscape recording-focused residency (2021), tracking the dawn chorus in the scrubland across spring, with some obsessive recording of nightingales (with field recording ongoing since 2020, supported by Arts Council England).

The residency’s performative element – #LoveScrubland – challenges the demonising of scrubland: painting the arcs of bramble with clay slip; bringing dance and movement artist Maria da Luz and film-maker Olga Saavedra Montes de Oca to respond to the Knepp scrubland at dawn.

Ongoing field recording – UK and Sweden