Soundscapes of Hope


Soundscapes of Hope 2022-3

Funding: National Lottery via Arts Council England, Develop Your Creative Practice grant, plus additional private grant

The Soundscapes of Hope project was funded to support my change of artistic practice, to one that is multidisciplinary yet centred on sound, connecting people to nature and the audio stories of hope emerging from wild havens, such as the Knepp Wildland.

Funding supported: building my field recording skills via a trip to the nature reserves of Svartådalan, Sweden, to be mentored by Stefan Taylor, guide and recordist; developing audio technical and sound composition skills, and practise in installing sound interventions. Significant additional funding was gained to realise two substantial sound projects:

Reflections on Soundscapes of Hope

I’ve been astonished at my journey of self-discovery and learning and proud of what I have overcome and achieved. I’ve found my sonic voice. I now know that field recording is at the heart of who I am as an artist: the Swedish trip was critical and in fact, life-changing. My technical skills and confidence are finally catching up with my ambitions. And the evaluation of the 2 sound events prove to me I can compose engaging soundscapes, deliver event techs as well as bring together collaborators and diverse participants to create memorable, affecting and uplifting soundscape experiences for all. 

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