Image of Hazel Reeves in her studio, on BBC NWBBC North West, 19 April 2021: ‘Tonight’ features the opening of the Wolstenholme Elmy Way and the forthcoming Elizabeth statue for Congleton

Britain’s Most Historic Towns (Dec 2020): Dr Alice Robert’s programme on Industrial Revolution Manchester features Our Emmeline


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I’ve been very lucky with media coverage. In December 2018 the Emmeline Pankhurst statue unveiling, to a 7000-strong crowd, received blanket national tv and radio news coverage, with extensive newspaper coverage. Other highlights? Being interviewed by Head of Tate, Maria Balshaw, at the Charleston Festival; talking to a 50,000-strong football crowd in Manchester; being in the BBC One documentary Making of a Militant with Sally Lindsay; Jeremy Paxman asking three questions about my statues on University Challenge; and the Gresley statue popping up on Have I Got News for You . Some more highlights below, with thanks to all my interviewers, filmers, and photographers (including Stuart Walker, Roger Bamber, Andy Fallon, Nigel Kingston, Steven Roberts, Helen Tither). (Photo credit for unveiling crowd, above: Our Emmeline.)