Phoenix Art Space, Brighton

August 2023

Funder: National Lottery via Arts Council England (DYCP Soundscapes of Hope project)

‘Layback with Nature’ is a laying-down (beanbag) immersive listening experience for 8 participants, using soundscapes of hope composed from my binaural laying-down field recordings at Ditchling Beacon (SSI), Knepp Wildland, and RSPB Pulborough Brooks. It was absolutely loved by the participants, who felt it was like being there, in the heart of nature. They also gave insightful thoughts and suggestions during a feedback session.

The ‘Layback with Nature – Ditchling Beacon’ soundscape (below) tells the story of the Beacon across the seasons, from January to December. All the recordings are made in exactly the same spot, a site of special scientific interest, captured with binaural/virtual reality audio recording headset. Importantly, the recordings are all made lying down.

This was the first soundscape used during the Layback with Nature immersive listening experience. Best listened to with headphones on, lying down: