Venue: Fabrica, Brighton, September 2023

Funding: National Lottery via Arts Council England (DYCP Soundscapes of Hope) and private grant

During this Sculptural Murmurings II workshop, dancers improvise to soundscapes of hope, over headphones, composed from field recordings (Knepp Wildland, Swedish Svartådalan nature reserves). The workshop was targeted at participants who are older, have long-term health conditions and/or identify as disabled. Participants found it freeing, thrilling, joyous. “What a brilliant day it was!”. Listen to the Swedish soundscape of hope.

I am the Artistic Director of Sculptural Murmurings, and composed the soundscapes and delivered the silent disco technology. Key collaborators were: Fabrica gallery; dance facilitators Rosaria Gracia and Maria da Luz; photographer Olga Saavedra Montes de Oca (credits for top photo and slideshow); artist Orsi Cowell-Lehoczky; three MET college student filmmakers (films premiere February 2024). With thanks also to  Knepp Wildland and Stefan Taylor (Listen with Nature).