Hazel is livestreaming from teh Knepp scrubland using her laptop and helped by a head torch. The sky is lightening behind her

I will be livestreaming from the Knepp scrubland on Saturday the 4th May 2024 for the 11th edition of the Reveil broadcast, which is celebrating International Dawn Chorus weekend.

You can read the background to my livestream here and hear my stream between 4.49am and 5.26am on Saturday 4 May. Set that alarm clock!

Reveil is a collaborative sound and radio project that circles the Earth on live audio streams at daybreak. The last broadcast featured 145 streams from a wide range of environments and situations. We invite you to join us for the next 24+1 hour loop.

On the 4-5 May 2024 you can find the international stream here – in between time there is a countdown clock. Kick-off is 5am London time (UTC+1) on Saturday 4 May to 6am on Sunday 5 May 2024.

Soundcamp in 2024 is a project of the Soundcamp Cooperative with Stave Hill Ecological Park (TCV) and the Acoustic Commons network: Full Of Noises (Cumbria UK) · Locus Sonus (Aix FR) · Radio CONA (Ljubljana SI) · HMU (Crete GR) · Cyberforest (Tokyo JP).