PODCAST: Knepp Wildland

It’s Episode 24 of the Knepp Wildland Podcast. It was such a delight to chat to Penny, the resident Knepp Wildland ecologist, in the scrubland on a warm sunny afternoon, with the air heavy with the delicious scent of the hawthorn. 

Our chat gave me the chance to share how I’ve been inspired by the soundscapes of hope I’ve been capturing at Knepp, leading me to extend my artistic practice beyond my studio.

Hours before many of our alarms go off, I can be found sitting quietly in the Knepp Wildland, taking sound recordings of the dawn chorus and one of my favourite birds in particular: the Nightingale.

We talk about aberrant Nightingale songs, the joy of clattering White Stork bills, and how soundscape ecology can give us hope as we hear how the health of a landscape can be detected through the richness of sound.

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Thanks to Penny for such a fun and informative afternoon, and to Knepp for giving me permission to record across the estate.

I’d like thank the National Lottery for their support, through Arts Council England, for this opportunity to develop artistically through a Develop Your Creative Practice grant.


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