The Nightingale Diaries


Do you also need some birdsong therapy? These new diary entries are the soundtracks to my post-studio evening walks, that feed my obsession with birdsong, and the newly arrived nightingale in particular. Expect birdsong, and not much else.

Being in touch with nature is calming and nourishing, particular in these difficult times. I am very fortunate to have an isolated studio deep in the countryside. Why have I always been particularly obsessed by birdsong? Being brought up on my Mum’s Bird Hospital and Sanctuary, must have a lot to do with it. I find birdsong most evocative and affecting.

And birdsong is now permeating some of my newer creative ideas, including a sculptural approach to expressive dance and movement.

Here is the full un-edited soundscape of my first Nightingale walk, on Soundcloud.

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