Sadako Sasaki 佐々木 貞子

The commission

NEWS! Sadako statue and the Hedd Wen Peace Place featured in The Guardian’s Top Ten small places of pilgrimage (31/12/21)

Sadako statue in The GuardianThis bronze of the young Sadako Sasaki was unveiled in the Hedd Wen Peace Place on the World Day of Peace, 21st September 2012. Over the years, the story of Sadako and the 1000 paper cranes has travelled far, used worldwide in peace education. 

The story

On her tippy-toes, Sadako readies to free the white paper crane from her cupped hands. Sadako was just twelve when she became ill from the effects of the radiation from the Hiroshima nuclear bomb. Despite becoming increasingly ill Sadako was determined to make one thousand origami paper cranes, to have her wish for life granted. She lost the fight for her life but her school friends and family have told her story of determination, courage and her commitment to peace. In fact, children the world-over still send paper cranes to be placed under Sadako’s statue in Hiroshima.


Emily and the Sadako clay in progressUsing traditional techniques, I built a sturdy metal armature followed by many many weeks in the studio working on the clay with my  sparky yet patient young model Emily. The clay sculpture was shipped up to Castle Foundry for casting in bronze.


There is a bronze edition of 6 available (105cm high).


Commissioner: Hedd Wen Peace Place (private client)

Unveiling: 21 September 2012, Hedd Wen Peace Place

Dimensions: 105cm x 45cm x 60cm without base

Material: bronze, stone

Studio technical assistance: Andrew Brown

Foundry: Castle Fine Arts Foundry