FABRICA RESIDENCY: Sculptural Murmurings

Image of the poster outside Fabrica Gallery for Hazel Reeves' Fabrica Residency: Sculptural MurmuringsWhilst best-known for bronzes in the public realm, at heart I’m a sculptural choreographer – one moment choreographing stories in bronze, the next, inspiring movement through soundscapes.

During this Making Space Residency at Fabrica , I will be developing a sculptural approach to expressive dance and movement, while challenging ideas of how dancers should look and move.

Rather than using clay, I will experiment with shaping a dynamic modelling material – a group of dancers – using soundscapes, to create unique bird-like yet human murmurings that cyclically fragment then unite. I will bring together disabled and non-disabled participants to explore different physicalities and challenge norms of who can perform and right ways of moving.

I will be harnessing the bird soundscapes recorded in the scrubland during my residency at Knepp Estate, renowned for its rewilding and increasing biodiversity and birdlife.

This photo shows Maria da Luz Ghoumrassi resposing through creative movement to the scrubland at Knepp Estate, filmed by Olga Saavedra This is an incredible opportunity to push my artistic practice to become more collaborative and transdisciplinary, working with my dream team equally excited by transdisciplinary working – dance artists (Rosaria Gracia, Maria da Luz Ghoumrassi), dance adviser (Welly O’Brien), audio producer (Ian Currie), film maker (Roz Shearn), photographer (Olga Lidia Saavedra Montes de Oca) and site-responsive installation artist (Helen Goodwin).

This project is supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

For more information about Sculptural Murmurings, see the Fabrica Residency page.

Virtual Touring Exhibition now open! (This is now archived here.)

(Photo of Maria da Luz Ghoumrassi, being filmed by Olga Lidia Saavedra Montes de Oca, at Knepp Estate at dawn, as part of Hazel Reeves’ residency there.)