Hazel speaks at Feminist Public Sculpture Research Forum

Feminist Public Sculpture Research Forum

Thursday 4 July 3pm

Blenheim Walk Gallery, Leeds Arts University, Leeds,


Hazel is delighted to be joining Professor Griselda Pollock, Sharon Thomas, and Rachel Reeves for this free closing event for the month-long Feminist Public Sculpture exhibition. Hazel will focus on the making of the Cracker Packers and the Our Emmeline statues.

This is a collaborative project developed by Rachel Reeves (MP for Leeds West) in partnership with Leeds City Council and Leeds Arts University. The project aims to readdress the gender balance of public sculpture in an innovative way, celebrating the achievements of the women of Leeds, including by a new commission awarded to Pippa Hale.


3pm: Welcome: Dr Catriona McAra (Leeds Arts University)

3.10pm: Rachel Reeves (MP Leeds West)

3.20pm: Pippa Hale (Commissioned Artist, Leeds)

3.30pm: Professor Griselda Pollock (University of Leeds): ‘When is sculpture not a public art form? What makes a sculpture public? Does it matter who is speaking in sculpture?’

4pm: Sharon Thomas (Artist, Glasgow): ‘Mary Barbour: Making of a Monument and its Legacy’

4.20pm: Hazel Reeves (Sculptor of ‘Our Emmeline’): ‘Celebrating Women in Bronze: The Sculptural Process’

4.40pm: In-conversation + questions

5pm: Reception in The Boardroom for Sharon Thomas: Herstory Portait

6pm: Ends

The event is free and open to all but registration required. Refreshments served.

Models in the photos are: Sarah Jenkins (Our Emmeline) and Sandra Reeves and Jennifer Kafetz (Cracker Packers).

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