PENNY LECTURE: Statues of Women – the politics and the practice

Photo show image of the Emmeline Pankhurst statue, with her arm oustretched to urge women to demand the voteOn 25 March, 6-6.30pm, I will be giving Morley’s ‘Penny Lecture’, exploring why we need to redress the lack of women represented in bronze on our streets, and how I go about it, one statue at a time. This will be online and is free – but you need to book here.

Morley College has a rich history which began in 1882 with a series of ‘Penny Lectures’ at the Old Vic Theatre in Waterloo. Topics were chosen to encourage new thinking and ideas and provided illustrated lectures at affordable prices…a penny! The lectures were a huge success, quickly developing into evening classes and the establishment of the “Morley Memorial College for Working Men and Women”. As the original ‘TED Talks’ the penny lectures began with subjects in science and technology, but broadened over the decades to include the arts and humanities.